Timeless Worship Vol. 1
Timeless Worship Vol. 1

Timeless Worship Vol. 1

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Recorded in May of 2019 in St. Louis, MO, This is the first volume of Timeless Worship songs performed Live by Kent Henry.  All of your favorite classic scripture songs were newly recorded and are now available in Volume 1 of Timeless Worship. 

Songs Include

1. I Worship You Almighty God  - (5:37)

feat. McKennah Stern, Kent's Granddaughter

2. There is None Like You  - (5:10)

3. I Stand I Awe of You  - (9:12)

4. Thou, Oh Lord, Art A Shield for Me  - (5:57)

5 . You Are My Hiding Place  - (5:55)  

6. Be Magnified  - This song is (5:05)

7. "Let the People of God Continually Say

Spontaneous Song - (3:03)

8. When I Look into Your Holiness  - (6:25)

9. Open Worship - (1:32)   

10. "I Surrender All"  -  

Spontaneous Song-   (3:03)      

11. Praise the Name of Jesus -   (4:45)

12. Glorify Thy Name - (3:17)

13. To Him who sits on the throne - 

[Worship Medley] -  (4:07)   

14. Holy, Hoy, Holy Lord God of Power and Might -  (10:55)

Total Running Time of CD [ 74:26 ]

We began singing “scripture songs” in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Millions of people learned the Bible, the Word of God, by singing these songs.  It was wonderful and powerful time. Well it has all come back again. Churches would contact me to do a “worship weekend” for their church and region, but additionally started asking me to do one scripture song per service for 70’s and 80’s.  So I started doing it about 5 years ago. This album contains 11 of the best loved, most known scripture songs from that era. These songs were recorded live with a real congregation just like we did it back in the day. My heart is thrilled to be singing and releasing these songs again.  Buy 10 and give them to all your friends. This is “Timeless Worship” and that is why it is the name of our new album.   

All my thank you’s:

to Southgate Church in Crestwood, Missouri the location of the live recordings.  Thanks to all the staff and tech people that helped to make this album possible. 

Pastor Harry Schroeder, my life long worship friend.  We started in 1974 together at New Covenant Fellowship.  He is an acoustic guitar player and heart-to-heart worship leader.  Thanks Bro for supporting me and the making of this album.  

Nathan Panke- Worship leader, drummer, crazy in love with Jesus. Thanks for being who you are.  Effervescent and super positive. You actually get who I am and have been so supportive of our mission and purpose.   

Carl Albrect: the most powerful drummer... He was our original drummer in the 80’s and 90’s. What anointed times we have had along the way.   

Kameron Walker: Mister Smooth in worship on electric guitar, it touched my heart that he said yes to doing all three services immediately. 

Matt Henry (my son): his Lakeland bass and his playing rules the world also the production and set up time was massive.  Thanks for the countless hours to make it viable and right.  

Mckennah Stern: is my terrific granddaughter, a song bird of the Lord. She has been singing in the Prayer Room since she was 11 years old.  Way to knock it out of the park Mckennah.  

(She was 15 years old at the time of this recording.) 

Josie Whitley: A prophetic singer who is really in love with Jesus.  She’s been singing in the Prayer room since she was 9 years old. Josie you were great at learning harmony parts and flowing in the Holy Spirit.  

(She was 14 years old at the time of this recording.)  

Jon Garrett: John just nailed it as our tenor singer.  What a worshippers heart. He also sang with me back in day at our national worship conference. 

Jim Stern (my son-in-law): One of the most profound keyboard players I know.  He really added a special dimension to this whole project.  

David Gloyd: He is Jesus’ champion to me! He mixed and mastered this album at a super high level and I am so grateful he said yes to helping us.  The great fidelity (sounds) are truly because of his anointing and engineering skills.