Worthy Of It All - 2 Pack

Worthy Of It All - 2 Pack

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Kent Henry's New Worship Album - Worthy Of It All

Track 1: Worship Prelude
Track 2: Worthy of It All and Take Away the Veil
Track 3: Radiant
Track 4: Faithful to the End and Glory to...the Spirit and the Bride
Track 5: Better Than Wine and You are My Great Reward 
Track 6: Found Faithful and You Draw Me In  
Track 7: He Is Faithful and We Proclaim     
Track 8: Great I Am   
Track 9: Our Father (in Heaven) and Establish Your Kingdom  
Track 10: All is for Your Glory and Beautiful God
Track 11: Beauty of the Music


   This recording and CD is very special to me. It includes all three of my kids singing, playing and leading worship. I have counted my blessings so many times that all three of my children are serving the Lord and using their singing and music for His glory.

   There have been times when they are leading worship together on the platform of our Prayer Room at Destiny Church, doing a Prayer Room set. It has brought such joy to Carla, (their mom, my wife) and me that we have laughed and wept before the Lord.

   The songs were hand chosen because they speak so highly to all of our hearts. These songs that take us to the deepest places of the heart of God and lift us to the heights of flowing in His presence. 

   We did this recording to take you to the deepest places of the heart of the Lord. It will cause you to flow into the heights of His presence.

   It features all of Kent's children, Jessica, Matthew and Ariel leading worship.